How To Apply For IJMB or JUPEB From Anywhere

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How To Apply For IJMB or JUPEB From Anywhere

IJMB and JUPEB registration and application from the comfort of your home in any device have been made easy.

IJMB and JUPEB are Advanced levels (A’ Level) programmes that offer students the opportunity to gain direct admission into 200 level of any university of their choice without having to pass through the conventional
Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, conducted by
Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, popularly known as JAMB UTME. In actuality, throughout the years, IJMB and JUPEB have ended up being a certain option for students who are seeking admission into the university than other methods, for example, pre-degree, remedial and the likes of others.

In this post, we going to show you how to apply and register for IJMB, JUPEB and, other A’ Level programmes, in 6 simple steps with graphic illustrations.

STEP 1 – Account Creation.

ijmb jupeb application step 1
Step 1 – Account Creation

In Step 1, start by creating your Free Web-Portal Account, which will enable you to interact with the website and do some amazing things discussed here.

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Create Account for new users. If you have previously created an account, jump to the next step.

Step 2 – Filling in New Account Creation Form

ijmb, jupeb application step 2

In step 2, Your required to fill in the new account creation form. In this step, you have to note something that is very important – which is “Your Phone Number” – make sure you enter your phone number correctly and, your phone also recieves text messages, else, you won’t get your activation code.

  1. Enter your Last Name (Your Surname).
  2. Input your First Name
  3. Insert a valid e-mail address, double check if it is correct – it’s going to be part of your login details.
  4. Enter your chosen password, you can click the show button to confirm what you’re using as your password.
  5. Enter a valid and current phone number – make sure it’s correct as you will receive your confirmation code on it. Likewise, subsequent communications will be through that same medium.
  6. Click submit to submit the data and move to the next step.

Step 3 – Activating Your Web-Portal Account

ijmb, jupeb application step 3

Activating Your Web-Portal Account

At this point, You would have receieved a text message from MiCAS containing your activation pin in this format

Activation PIN
  1. Enter your activation PIN in the space provided.
  2. Click submit to move to the next step.

Step 4 – Logging Into Your Web-Portal Account

ijmb, jupeb application step 4
Web-portal Account Activation

Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated your Free Web-Portal account. Now, click on Login Here to continue.

ijmb, jupeb Web-Portal Login Page
Web-Portal Login Page
  1. Enter your email address – the same one your enter during the creation of your account.
  2. Enter your password – one chosen during your web-portal account creation.
  3. Click on submit to continue.
Screen after login
Logged in screen

Your screen after login should be like this. Click

  1. For all the possible undergraduate courses and the A’Level subjects combination.
  2. To learn more about making payment on our web-portal and online as whole.
  3. To continue to payment page or Click 4 to do so.

Step 5 – Application Fee Payment

payment for IJMB, JUPEB Application Fee
Payment page

Our payment is processed by PayStack over a secure gateway, a payment processing company approved by CBN and InterSwitch Nigeria, which implies that your credentials are safe and are not stored anywhere. Read our privacy policy page for more about payments. To make payment for your application form fee;

  1. Enter your ATM debit card number.
  2. Input the expiring date of your ATM Debit Card.
  3. Insert your CVV Number
  4. Click “Pay NGN 8,800” – which is the total fee charged for the application form fee including NGN300 bank charges.
Card Sample MIgdal College portal
ATM Card Sample

1. ATM debit card number.

2. card expiring date

3. Card CVV

After clicking the “Pay NGN 8,500” botton, you will recieve a text from your bank in your registered phone number – a text message containing your OTP – One Time Password, the OTP is needed for the authorization of the transaction.

transaction OTP for Migdal College
A sample of OTP

This is what the text message containing your OTP should look like, but in this case, NGN 1 was used for the transaction is an Ilustration. IN your case, it will be NGN8,800 that it would require you to approve for transcation.

migdal college portal OTP
OTP Field
  1. Enter the OTP recieved and Click Authorize to make payment.
migdal college payment approved
Payment Successful.

1. Click “OK” to continue.

Step 6. Filling The Application Form

The Application Form is categorized into three (3) sections –

A’Level Application Form
  1. Student’s Bio-data, this part collects data about the student applying for the programme.
  2. Parent/Guardian’s Bio-data – this section collects data about the person sponsoring the programme, parent or guardian.
  3. Academic Data – Collects all the required academic data needed to process your admission into the university.

Fill out each field with the correct data and click next to move to the next section and click “Finish” on the last section – Academic Data Section.

After clicking the “Finish” botton, you will be taken to a review page where you can cross-check all data provided, Then Submit, Print or Edit.

Click on “Submit” to Continue and Voila! You have successfull Applied.

Migdal College Completed Application Form
Completed Application Form

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